Winter Skincare: Essential Care for Dry Skin

Winter Skincare: Essential Care for Dry Skin


Skin has different types and characteristics, but one of the most common types of skin that suffers in winter in particular and needs extreme care is the dry skin that lacks hydration. It often looks dull and dry if it does not receive the necessary hydration and care; it loses the ability to work effectively as a barrier that protects our bodies from external irritants; thus, it may be more sensitive.

The dry skin suffers from an imbalance of skin hydration, but moisturizing the skin frequently using appropriate products can solve this problem by enhancing skin hydration. Moreover, Proper skin care and lifestyle may help to alleviate allergic symptoms caused by dry skin. The protective barrier function is strengthened once the skin's moisture balance is restored, which increases the ability of the dry skin to be protected from external influences. Moist skin is less susceptible to sensitivity, looks radiant, and feels soft and supple.

The dry-skinned woman suffers from the roughness of the skin because it lacks a soft and moist texture. This rough texture makes the skin look dull and tired; the dry-skinned woman feels the severity of the face and inelasticity, in addition to severe dehydration, which may lead to cracks in the skin, the appearance of wrinkles early, and the formation of fine expressive lines. If this initial dryness is not treated, it can develop into a very tight face. It also may crack and become sensitive, which may affect the skin with eczema.

Home remedies for dry skin:

  1. Eat foods rich in antioxidants and omega-3

Foods rich in antioxidants help to reduce the damage caused by free radicals that cause cell damage and dryness, such as: cranberries, tomatoes, and carrots. Foods rich in omega-3, such as salmon, can improve the skin's freshness.

  1. Bathing water temperature adjustment

The temperature of the shower water must be adjusted by using warm water instead of hot; hot water may cause damage to the skin and severe dehydration because it causes the skin to lose all the moisture and essential natural oils that it needs to maintain its moisture.


  1. Moisturize immediately after showering

The owner of dry skin should moisturize the skin with moisturizing creams that contain glycerin immediately after taking a shower because moisturizing helps the skin to retain moisture, prevent dryness, and nourish the skin to look fresh and healthy.


  1. Use moisturizing hand sanitizers

In recent days, people have been using hand sanitizers to sterilize hands from microbes and bacteria that cause infection, but the problem is that most hand sanitizers contain alcohol that causes dry skin, so you must search for sterilizers that help to maintain skin moisture.

  1. Avoid skin irritants

The reason for the appearance of symptoms of sudden dryness of the skin may be the exposure of the skin to some irritants, such as: fabrics that cause dehydration, or chemically treated water, so cotton materials that do not cause skin irritation should be used to maintain skin moisture.


In addition to all those home solutions that must be followed to maintain skin moisture and protect it against dryness, it is important to use natural skin products and materials that moisturize the skin and protect it from dryness, such as:

Yellow Shea Butter

Yellow Shea Butter

-Yellow Shea Butter works to reduce the appearance of signs of aging and combat wrinkles and dark spots on the skin.

-It contributes to the secretion of collagen in the skin and nourishes the skin with vitamin A, which helps to restore the freshness and smoothness of the skin to look younger.

-It also moisturizes the skin deeply and effectively.

-It also unites skin tone, and helps to eliminate freckles, melasma and acne.

-In addition, it has the ability to moisturize the lips and protect them from cracks and dryness.

Almond oil lotion


-Almond oil lotion is very useful for the skin of the body. It gives the body super softness.

-It contains vitamin "E"; therefore, it helps to eliminate dry skin permanently, and it also helps to lighten the color of the skin and treat pigmentation.

-In addition, it is very effective in unifying the color of the skin and improving the appearance of signs of cracked skin and cellulite.

-It increases collagen production and keeps the skin supple and hydrated to look younger as well as being rich in zinc, which is the mineral that the skin needs to look fresher and brighter.