Understanding Dry Skin in Winter and the Need for Moisturization

Understanding Dry Skin in Winter and the Need for Moisturization

Many girls and women suffer from dry skin in the winter, especially dry hands, so most women are looking for appropriate and quick solutions to moisturize the skin of the face and hands to maintain the soft appearance of the hands. Dryness is one of the worst things that every girl suffers from in the winter, especially the dry skin of the face and hands because they are the most exposed to cold air. In this article, we will present the most appropriate routine for dry skin.

Continuous hydration

It is very important to moisturize the face and hands on a regular and continuous basis to maintain the moisture and softness of the skin in the winter season, so you must first look for the appropriate moisturizing cream for the type of your skin, whether it is oily or dry. There are two types of moisturizers, some of them are light and some are deep according to the skin type.

It is important for every girl to keep the moisturizing cream in her bag at all times to moisturize her hands continuously, especially after washing the hands, to protect the skin from drying out. There are some natural products that are very helpful in moisturizing the skin and protecting it from dryness, including:

Yellow Shea Butter

Yellow Shea Butter

-Yellow Shea Butter works to reduce the appearance of signs of aging and combat wrinkles and dark spots on the skin.

-It contributes to the secretion of collagen in the skin and nourishes the skin with vitamin A, which helps to restore the freshness and smoothness of the skin to look younger.

-It also moisturizes the skin deeply and effectively. It also unites skin tone, and helps to eliminate freckles, melasma and acne.

-In addition, it has the ability to moisturize the lips and protect them from cracks and dryness.

Rosemary cream

-Rosemary cream is distinguished by its resistance to dryness that may affect the skin, by raising the levels of moisture and elasticity of the skin; it helps to give the skin remarkable moisture and elasticity.

-Moreover, it is effective in improving the skin’s ability to resist the negative effect of sunlight. In addition, it helps to fight acne because it contains Rosmarinic acid and many other important substances that help to fight bacteria that may cause the formation and emergence of acne.

Using oils

Most women tend to use natural materials more than chemical products that may cause side effects on the skin, so girls may tend to use natural oils; small drops of a natural oil can make the hands soft and moist. Among the natural oils that are beneficial to the skin:

Peppermint oil

-Peppermint oil has antimicrobial and antibacterial properties, so it is one of the most effective oils that cleans and sterilizes the skin.

-It also can get rid the skin of the bacteria and the factors that may cause acne.

-It also prevents dry skin by moisturizing the dry skin surface and getting rid of annoying skin cracks.

-In addition, it works to lighten the skin, unify its color, and make it more radiant by getting rid of pigment spots left by the sun, melasma after pregnancy, or even the effects and spots left by grains and pimples.


Ahasees oil

-Ahasees oil is one of the most important products that moisturize dry skin in a deep and effective way because it contains a number of moisturizing substances similar to the substances that the sebaceous glands secrete in the skin; thus, it has an effective impact on moisturizing and softening the skin.

-In addition, it helps to unify the skin color, which may appear in two different colors as a result of exposure to external factors such as sunlight. It is also effective in eliminating freckles, melasma, acne, and pimples, in addition to getting rid of dark spots.