Historical Perspectives on the Relationship between Men and Women

Historical Perspectives on the Relationship between Men and Women

“Woman is the nervous part of the human totality, and man is the muscular part of it.” With these simple and smooth words, the famous scientist Edmund Haley described the difference between man and woman in human relations and society. Each of them has a different role from the other, and each one has a completely different mentality. The relationship between men and women has witnessed many developments throughout history and in different cultures and societies.


The relationship of the man and the woman in the past

God created humans in need of a supporter, a partner, and a companion for his life, so he created the male and the female because each of them needs the other. However, this relationship took many forms over the years. In the past, women suffered a lot from reactionary ideas, customs, and traditions that limited their role to the home and raising children. Moreover, their social role was very limited because of those customs and traditions, which negatively affected their relationship with men.

 At a time when the man was getting his full right to work and education, the woman was suffering from ignorance and unemployment, so the relationship between the man and the woman took an incorrect curve and shape. Instead of being partners in the home or society, with equal rights and duties, men were getting privileges that women did not get. Thus, it was possible to see in the same house the man is a successful doctor and the woman barely obtained a primary school certificate. Therefore, the man became playing the role of a father and a teacher with his wife instead of being friends and companions.

Relationship of man and woman in the present

The relationship between men and women has developed a lot; nowadays, women have the right to educate and work like men. Thus, there is an intellectual and social equivalence between men and women, which positively affected the relationship between them. After the man had a higher status than the woman in everything, such as obtaining his full rights in education, work, and freedom, now there is equality between the value of men and the value of women. Thus, the relationship between them was formed in a homogeneous way, so there was an intellectual communication between them.

We do not deny that women still suffer from discrimination between men and women in some societies, but the matter has improved a lot from the past. Women now have an active role in social life and have become an indispensable element at work.

Men and women in education

Nowadays, women have played a major role in the education system just like men; this is due to women’s ability to educate themselves and raise awareness of women’s education, so men and women have become on the same level of awareness, education, and culture. Women joined the university and obtained the highest educational certificates.

Women now contribute to the society’s transition from illiteracy to reading and writing through their upbringing of children. Anatole France said, “The woman is the greatest educator of the man; she teaches him the beautiful virtues, the etiquette of behavior, and the delicacy of feeling.” The great philosopher Socrates said, “When you educate a man, you educate an individual, and when you educate a woman, you educate an entire family.”

Man and woman at work

Woman now has an active role in society; the man and woman have become two elements that complement each other to reach success together, so that each of them benefits from the experiences and capabilities of the other to advance the society towards advancement and progress. The number of women in the labor force is currently 46.4%, and this has helped to improve the economic situation of the community. Women have also become involved in projects that support the income of their families and help men in improving the standard of living.