Revealing Secrets about Colors and Their Effects on Women's Temper

Revealing Secrets about Colors and Their Effects on Women's Temper

Colors affect the psychological health of human being in general and women in particular. Colors have great importance in human life throughout the ages. They were extracted in ancient times from some plants, and they were used in artwork, fine art, and buildings.


Colors also express human feelings, values, affiliations, and tendencies. For example, you may wear a certain color of shirt because you support a specific team. Therefore, colors acquire symbolic connotations and express some life matters such as life, death, happiness, cruelty, and others.


Some studies have proven at the present time that colors have a great effect on human cells, and each color has its effect that appears on the nervous system and the psychological state.


Colors have different waves, including positive ones that express comfort, love, joy, and happiness, and negative ones that express anxiety, turmoil, sadness, and hatred; thus, it has a clear effect on mood.


Colors and Their Psychological Impact on Women:

Colors greatly affect the psychological state and mood of women. Women may be affected by the color they wear, so they always keen to choose the colors carefully.



White Color

The white color always denotes purity, purification, joy, and peace, and we can see this in the field of medicine and the medical sector because of the feelings of comfort, hope, optimism, and healing that it brings to the patients.

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Black Color

Black color often expresses mystery and gloom. Moreover, it is a threat to individuals who are afraid of the dark due to its dark characteristics. In many cultures it expresses mourning and sadness. However, some people consider black one of the finest and most luxurious colors.


Red Color

Although red is the color of fire, blood, and revolution, it is also the color of love, emotions, and strong feelings as well. It also indicates strength, vitality, activity, and perseverance. Besides, it is used to express anger and danger, as in the case of a traffic light. One of the strange facts about red color is that it acts as a catalyst for the breathing process. It is one of the most eye-catching colors.


Blue Color

The blue color is the color of the sky and the sea, so it gives an indication of the extended and large horizon; moreover, it gives a sense of spaciousness and comfort to the human soul. It is also considered one of the calmest colors because it has a great ability to create an atmosphere of calm and meditation. Furthermore, it helps you to be relaxed, in addition to lowering the blood pressure. In general, it is a very popular color for the human soul.

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Yellow Color

It is the color of joy and love of life; it is the color of the sun and the gold. Moreover, it is characterized as a beautiful, attractive, and charming color. Its psychological connotations appear in resisting diseases of nervous breakdowns. It helps to raise and support morale. It also enhances self-confidence and inspires hope, optimism, and love of life. Yellow is one of the colors that express joy.


Green Color

Green is the color of nature, beauty, sophistication, calmness, and kindness; it mediates the color circle between blue and yellow. Its location between the colors makes it fall between the calmness of blue and the heat of yellow.


Therefore, if it increases gradually towards the blue color, its properties appear in calling for tranquility, calmness, and wisdom, and if it increases gradually towards the yellow color, its effect appears in stimulating optimism and joy. Blue color is a very comfortable color for the eyes.


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