Breaking the Cycle: Addressing Violence Against Women

Breaking the Cycle: Addressing Violence Against Women

Women have suffered a lot throughout history from oppression and violence; the reason is due to the reactionary ideas, unfair customs and traditions, discrimination between the sexes, and wrong education that differentiates between males and females. All of which contributed in one way or another to giving men all their rights and even more.

However, the most basic rights that a person needs to live a decent life were taken away from women, so in many cultures and customs women became dependent on men without equality or justice between the sexes. One of the worst forms of oppression that women may be subjected to is violence from the family or husband. In addition, violence against women has different types, forms, and causes.

Physical violence

Many women are exposed to physical violence from their husbands or families, and this violence is considered the worst kind of violence. Woman loses her human right to feel safe in her home, which is supposed to be the safest place for her. She is subjected to beatings or assaults from her husband, brother, father, or any member of the family who is supposed to be her protection and not the source of her fear.

At that time, all concepts of safety are overturned, and the sidewalks of the street may become safer for her than the corners of her house and family members. No individual has the right to hurt others in any way because this act is considered a crime. 10% - 60% of women have been hit or physically assaulted by a partner during their lives.

Psychological and verbal violence

Many women are subjected to psychological or verbal violence; psychological violence refers to any behavior that leads to emotional harm to women. This type of violence reduces their self-confidence and self-esteem, and this violence has many forms such as questioning women’s behavior, constantly monitoring them, underestimating their personal value, mocking her and her capabilities, or exploiting and manipulating her.

Psychological and verbal violence leaves negative psychological effects on women, which are considered as serious as the psychological effects resulting from women’s exposure to physical violence. Verbal violence may be a result of insults or attempts to scare women and shake their security. Psychological and verbal violence may often be followed by physical violence.

Sexual violence

Many women may be exposed to sexual violence, such as physical harassment or inappropriate comments about the victim’s body or appearance, such as what women are exposed to in the streets. The perpetrator uses his strength to commit sexual violence.

In many cases this type of violence may lead to self-harm because of her refusal to believe what happened to her. It is also possible for women to experience panic attacks and a sense of fear and anxiety from society because of this criminal act.

Financial violence

Women may suffer from financial violence and unlawful interference in their financial affairs. Financial violence may occur through a person’s control over the woman’s money to prevent her from ending her relationship with him and maintaining his power and control over her.

There is another type of financial violence that many women are exposed to nowadays, which is the woman’s failure to leave her husband, who causes her some harm because of her fear of not being able to support herself and her children. Another form of financial violence is preventing women from working by force without reason or justification.