The Importance of a Mother's Guidance in a Child's School Years

The Importance of a Mother's Guidance in a Child's School Years

The mother's relationship with her child remains very stable and almost without real challenges until he enters the school; a new stage begins with new real challenges that every mother goes through in her own way. At this stage, the child relies on the mother's abilities to study the lessons and to deal with friends and teachers at school, so the mother is the forerunner and responsible for everything that the child may face at that early stage of entering school.

The mother’s suffering begins when the child reaches the age of admission to school, so it is very important that she should be aware, educated, and sufficiently well-read about this stage and how to deal with the child because this stage may depend on all the school years of the child. Thus, if she is able to make her child excited about studying and school, then she will create a person who loves science and learning, and if she misbehaves during this stage, she will make him a person who gets bored quickly and hates study and school. The child is nothing but a blank page, and what is written on it is the responsibility of the mother because she is the source of information and the greatest influence on the life of the child at this stage of life.

We can talk about two aspects in this matter; the first is the role of the mother in helping the child to understand the lessons in a smooth and simple way, while the second is the most difficult and most important thing for the mother to be able to deal with any situation that the child may face at school.

The first aspect: studying the lessons

The mother should be patient while helping her child to study the lessons because this will help a lot in increasing his passion for studying and not hating or aversion to it. At this stage, she may be the only person from whom the child accepts the explanation of the lessons, so it is important to prepare the lesson well in order to explain it to the child in the simplest way possible. The mother must also follow some advice:

Designate a place for studying

It is important to choose a suitable and likable place for the child for studying. This place must be characterized by good lighting away from various sources of distraction such as television, with the availability of all the tools that the child needs while studying such as pens, papers, etc.

Time Management

For example, a suitable time must be set aside for playing during the day and not exhausting him by studying for a long time. It is important to create a suitable and gentle schedule for the child during the day to do many activities such as exercising, studying lessons, reading simple books, playing games, watching TV, and practicing his favorite hobbies. All this will help the child to activate his mind and make him a productive person.

Teaching the child to ask for help

It is important to make your child not be ashamed or afraid to ask for help if he faces any difficulties in learning or not understanding one of the lessons, so the mother must reassure him and teach him to ask for help when he finds it difficult to understand any part of any lesson, or if he faces any difficult situation in general.

The second aspect: dealing with others

The stage of entering the school for the child is the real first step for the child in dealing with others, whether teachers, friends or colleagues in the class, so you must first of all treat your child as your friend; you must improve your child’s personality, cultivate within him great self-confidence and in his abilities, leave to him enough space to express his feelings and opinion, listen carefully to his words, discuss with him any topic, and respect his small mentality. All this enhances the personality of your little son to have an independent and strong personality.