Female Genital Mutilation and Early Marriage: Customs Destroy Women's Lives

Female Genital Mutilation and Early Marriage: Customs  Destroy Women's Lives

The life of the woman was never easy at all; she suffered from some customs and traditions throughout the ages that restricted the freedom of women and obligated her to stay at home without dreams.


Those retrograde customs, traditions, and misconceptions resulted in some problems that stood as an obstacle to progress and sophistication, such as early marriage, ignorance, and retrogression. Customs and traditions differed between different cultures, but they all agreed in restricting women.


  • Illiteracy of Women

We can consider illiteracy as a strong reason for reactionary customs and traditions; it can also be considered a consequence of these traditions and customs.


We cannot deny that there are very beautiful customs and traditions such as respecting the elderly and honoring the guest, but on the other hand we must admit that it contained some erroneous and reactionary ideas, which necessitated the lack of education for women and the confinement of their role to the home and the upbringing of the children.


Illiteracy was one of the most prominent results of those customs and traditions, and until now there are some villages and cities that still follow these reactionary customs and traditions. There are families who prefer not to educate their daughters, believing that when they restrict the woman, they thereby preserve her.


Thus, the woman remained for a long time weak and suffering from illiteracy and backwardness. However, education is a woman's weapon and the real protection that guarantees her a decent life under any circumstances. These customs and traditions have caused an increase in the percentage of illiteracy in the world.


  • Early Marriage

One of the bad habits and traditions that were widely spread in the world is the early marriage. Until now, girls are married at a young age, so they are not mature enough to take responsibility of a house and a husband. Moreover, they may not be aware enough to raise children.


Many families prefer to marry the girl in a young age, believing that marriage is the safety for them. In fact, real security lies in education, work, and financial independence.


Marriage and childbearing need a mother and wife who are aware and mature enough to be able to assume responsibility and to have the skill and wisdom that enables her to solve any problem that she may face.


The woman must have sufficient awareness and culture to raise children with principles, values, and morals, so early marriage is one of the worst beliefs and customs in many cultures.

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  • Women's Unemployment

Some customs and traditions necessitate that women not go to work; some people look at working women in a badly, and those customs are limited to the role of women in the society. They restrict their freedom, dreams, and goals.


These retrograde habits contribute to the decline and backwardness of societies due to the loss of an important element in society. Until now, some women suffer from being forced to sit at home and not go to work under the pretext of preserving them from society.

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  • Female Mutilation

Female mutilation has become a crime by law. However, female genital mutilation is practiced in many societies in secret, thinking that they are preserving the honor of families, while a lot of research and statistics prove how much damage is caused by this disgraceful act, in addition to the deaths that may occur as a result of this operation.


Some people believe that the girl is the one who brings shame or honor to the families. However, the mutilation of girls and the deprivation of their rights is the real shame.



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