Millie's Quest | Perfumes secrets and Incense for a World of Magic and Beauty

Millie's Quest | Perfumes secrets and Incense for a World of Magic and Beauty

Millie's Quest proved its leadership in the field of perfumes and incense. Millie's Quest contains a variety of different perfumes and incense with different scents and types to suit all personalities and all occasions, which led to an increase in the demand for perfume products for its own brand from various sectors of industry, sale, and distribution.

This is as a result of the approach and model followed in pursuit of sustainable research and development of perfume products extracted from nature's resources to make you in a world full of magic and beauty.

The Art of Perfume Extraction: From Nature's Resources to Captivating Scents

Millie's Quest extracts its fragrances from volatile essential oils and sterols; Such as: muscopyridine, enzymes, and alkaloids, in addition to our distinction in the manufacture of fruit perfumes that infuse vitality and freshness.

Our perfumes are distinguished by the fresh and amazing scent that smells of fruits such as the smell of peach, red orange, and patchouli mixed with the smell of flowers sometimes.

Millie's Quest is also characterized by a wide variety of incense; we are distinguished by French incense, which has strong scents that last for a long period of time; it touches the soul and gives a strong effect on nervous memory in a large way.

Our incense contains pure extracts of white jasmine roses and a wonderful scent of vetiver and patchouli, in addition to oriental incense rich in roses that contain the scent of ylang-ylang, musk, coconut, vanilla, and wood. Millie’s Quest perfumes and incense are characterized by their calming and relaxing scent.

Our experience in the field of manufacturing perfumes and incense was not a mere coincidence, but was the result of hard work by the research and development team at Millie's Quest within accurate laboratory experiments for the percentages of basic raw materials in the pre-production stage to reach the optimal mixture in building the levels of the aromatic pyramid of our products to suit all tastes.

In addition, we always seek to meet the requirements of all customers to manufacture and produce many levels of aromatic scents and different incense based on vision, demand, and taste.

Unveiling the Exquisite Collections: Bed Perfumes, Musk, Fruit, and Incense

Bed perfumes

Millie's Quest contains a wide range of bed fragrances, which have refreshing scents that calm the nerves; they also help to relax and fall into a deep sleep.

  • Musk bed perfume


The musk bed perfume is the most famous type of perfume ever; it is one of the luxurious perfumes known since ancient times; the musk perfume consists of volatile essential oils and sterol hormones; Such as: muscopyridine, in addition to enzymes and alkaloids. Musk perfume is known to have a scent that lasts for many years.

  • Fruit bed perfume


Fruit perfumes attract many women because they instill vitality and freshness; they are perfumes with a fresh and delicious scent that smells of fruits mixed with the scent of flowers sometimes. It smells of peach, blood orange, and patchouli. It is a fragrance that is used to make the bed linens fragrant and long-lasting.


The mixture of the most luxurious

  • Green French incense

Green French incense is characterized by its strong scent that lasts for a long period of time. French incense touches the breath and gives a great effect on nervous memory; it is topped with pure extracts of white jasmine roses and interspersed with mysterious points of vetiver and patchouli.

  • Red French incense

Red French incense is classified as an oriental incense rich in flowers, which contains the scent of ylang-ylang, musk, and essences of coconut, vanilla, and wood. It is characterized by its soothing and relaxing scent.

Women's perfumes

  • Etiquette perfume


Etiquette perfume is the best choice for modern women; it features a distinctive combination of musk, amber, and aromatics with a long-lasting scent. Etiquette is a fragrance that takes you to a world of femininity, beauty, and charm.

  • Princess perfume


Princess perfume is the symbol of charm and sophistication. It is a fragrance that opens your horizons and charms you with joy, with a combination of tonica, pink pepper and African orange flower. Princess perfume takes you to a world of glamor and femininity.

Men's perfumes

  • Sheikh Mohammed perfume

Sheikh Mohammed

Sheikh Mohammed perfume is the distinctive men's fragrance of a combination of bergamot, magical mint leaves,  a mixture of iris roots, and Bulgarian roses. It is a beautiful fragrance that is original from the land of the Gulf, and has a stability that lasts 24 hours. With Sheikh Mohammed, your elegance is complete.

  • Royal Oud perfume


Royal Oud, the authentic Arabian perfume, doubles your charm and elegance because it is a combination of sandalwood and basil amber, with an amazing mixture of nutmeg and cedar wood. It also contains ylang-ylang, musk, and extracts of coconut, vanilla, and wood. It is distinguished by its long-lasting scent