Experience the Magic of Millie's Quest's Natural Products and Cosmetics

Experience the Magic of Millie's Quest's Natural Products and Cosmetics

Millie's Quest includes a large variety of natural products and cosmetics that are handmade from 100% original raw materials without the interference of chemicals due to the physical damage they cause to human health and the environment.

Cosmetics differ in their uses, but they are compatible with health and beauty care. Therefore, we at Millie's Quest are keen to use the finest types of natural raw materials in our products, which guarantee the consumer a unique experience with tangible results.

Perfumes and incense

Millie's Quest is distinguished by its unparalleled perfumes; it is very capable of taking you into a world of magic and beauty. Our expertise in the field of manufacturing perfumes and incense was not a mere coincidence, but was the result of hard work by the research and development team at Millie's Quest within accurate laboratory experiments for the percentages of basic raw materials in the pre-production stage to reach the optimal mixture in building the levels of the aromatic pyramid of our products to suit all tastes in addition to meeting the requirements of all customers.

Hair care products

Millie's Quest contains a wide range of hair care products, which have a great ability to solve all the problems that hair may face, such as breakage, hair loss, and dryness. Thus, the hair becomes healthy, perfect, and smooth without the need to use chemicals that may have negative side effects on the hair. Millie's Quest hair products are natural materials extracted from nature that do not have negative effects on hair health, and our products are characterized by their effectiveness in hair care.

Skin care products

Millie's Quest was able to find the secrets of skin beauty through distinct skin care products, it was able to access natural raw materials from their places of origin to solve all problems that women's skin may face, such as dry skin, eczema, the appearance of wrinkles, melasma, and freckles due to exposure to harmful sunlight or polluted air. The products can make the skin look healthy, perfect, and soft like children's skin, thanks to the distinguished team of doctors and experts; they are able to come up with effective formulas and recipes for the beauty and health of the skin.

Royal mixtures

The beauty experts at Millie's Quest made some natural mixtures that distinguish us. Royal mixtures are considered one of the secrets of our success in the world of cosmetics, hair and skin care; these secret mixtures can fight all hair and skin problems quickly and effectively. There are some royal mixtures that make the secrets of beauty within your hands, including:

More gum cream

royal mixture  gum myrrh

More gum cream is distinguished as one of the natural products rich in dietary fiber; it possesses a group of anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, so it has a set of benefits that are indispensable for obtaining healthy and shiny hair, including the following:

-More gum clay contains a high percentage of protein, which plays an important role in strengthening the hair structure and reducing hair loss and breakage; it also helps to nourish hair follicles and increase hair growth and shine.

-It forms a thin film in the scalp that binds water molecules, keeping the scalp hydrated; it helps to regulate the oils secreted in the scalp, so it treats the problem of annoying greasy hair.

-It contains anti-inflammatory and antioxidants that limit the growth of fungus and bacteria in the scalp; it also relieves irritation associated with some skin disorders in the scalp, such as alopecia.

Royal mixture of turmeric


The royal mixture of turmeric has proven its effectiveness in solving damaged hair problems, due to its richness in curcumin, which is characterized by its ability to maintain hair color and reduce gray hair; curcumin is one of the effective compounds in turmeric, which has many benefits, including:

-Turmeric helps to combat hair loss by resisting some of the causes that may lead to loss of the hair; turmeric works to combat infections that are associated with the emergence of some baldness and hair loss conditions, which may negatively affect the health of the follicles.

-It can enhance hair density because turmeric and its active compounds may help to strengthen and improve blood flow to the scalp, it also stimulates the growth of new and healthy hair.