Understanding the Complex Psychology of Women: Factors and Characteristics

Understanding the Complex Psychology of Women: Factors and Characteristics

Researchers and philosophers always seek to explain the nature of women from a psychological point of view due to the presence of many external and physical factors that may affect their psychological nature. Among the external factors that affect the psychology of women: society, the surrounding environment, and the family

Among the physical factors that may affect it are the changing hormones, the period of childbirth, and the period of menopause. There are many reasons and factors that may affect the psychology of women compared to men. Some scholars believe that the psychology of women is more complex than that of men, which makes men often do not understand the nature of women.

The writer and philosopher, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, says: "The man is made by the woman. If you want great men, you must teach the woman what greatness of the soul is and what virtue is." If we want straight men, then the matter is in the hands of the woman in her capacity as a mother, wife, and half of society, who gives birth to the other half, so it is important to know more about the psychology of women.

Combining Opposites: The Unique Abilities of Women

God created the woman with a great ability that distinguishes her from the man that she is able to combine the two extremes, which is an ability or characteristic that does not exist in the man. This is embodied in the case of pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding, and raising children.

Despite the excruciating pain that women feel during the process of childbirth and pregnancy, they feel overwhelming pleasure during these stages. Likewise, love may be mixed with hatred in a woman; she hates the misery of her children and loves them at the same time. She may be angry with her husband and cannot bear his separation from her.

Endurance: The Strength of Women

The woman is distinguished from the man by her ability that God created her to endure; the woman bears the pains many times what the man bears, which makes her bear the pains of excruciating childbirth, as well as the pains and aches of the menstrual cycle on an ongoing basis.

Several years ago, an experiment was conducted on a number of men in a European country. They put a device on their body. This device emits a kind of vibration that results in pain in the man’s abdomen, exactly like the pain a woman feels during childbirth. Men did not bear these pains at all, and after conducting the experiment, these men talked about what they felt; they all said that they had never imagined that women would bear all these pains, and this experience aroused a state of gratitude towards wives and mothers.

Passion and Sensitivity: Emotional Complexity

What distinguishes a woman from a man is her delicate affection. The thing that may create many differences between husband and wife is the man’s lack of awareness that women have a psychology that is very different from him. The wife is annoyed by some small things that are issued by the husband without his knowledge and intent, and the emotional need of the woman is greater than that of the man, so she always needs to find someone who understands and appreciates her.

Woman interacts more easily with what is happening around her than the man, and she is affected by words and actions more, so we find her crying and laughing easily, unlike the man, who is distinguished by his emotional stability more than the woman.

Scientists agreed that the psychology of women is more complex than that of men; this is never a deficiency or defect in her, but she was created like this for the purpose of balance between the man and the woman, but the secret here is their realization that each gender has its own nature, which differs greatly from the other sex. If we realize this, we will know that each party has a different way of thinking, and thus peace and understanding will prevail between the two sexes.