Unveiling the Shocking Meanings Behind Popular Girls' Names

Unveiling the Shocking Meanings Behind Popular Girls' Names

Nowadays, new names for girls appear to keep pace with the modern era, so there are many names that you may hear and do not understand, so you search on the Internet for the meaning of the name. In the last decade, modern names for newborns appeared that may seem gentle and beautiful, and some of them may be heavy on the tongue due to the strangeness of the name. However, other names are light on the tongue when pronouncing.

But the strange thing is that there are some names that have become popular recently and their real meanings are shocking and strange. The name may seem very nice, but the meaning behind it may not be nice at all. In this article, we will show you a group of names that have shocking meanings.

  • Mai

Mai is an Arabic name of origin. It is considered one of the most beautiful girls’ names, and this name has been very popular for many years. It is still popular and widespread in many Arab countries. Its common meaning is the little deer. However, the shocking thing is that if we make more effort to search for the true meaning of this name, we will find that it means a little monkey or a female monkey, but there is no objection that the name Mai is still one of the beautiful names.

Characteristics of the owner of the name Mai

- She is a daughter who honors her parents and is a successful wife and mother.

-She is characterized by vitality and activity. She is one of the loving and life-oriented personalities.

- She enjoys a sense of humor, laughter, fun, and banter.

- She has the skill of choosing well; she has a good taste that attracts attention.

  • Maya

The name Maya is a name of Hebrew origin, converted from the name Mary, and the Latinos call it to the girls who were born in the month of March. The name also has Roman origins; it is the name of the Greek gods of spring. It is also the name of a people of the Native Americans in Central America. However, the shocking thing about the name is that it is the name of very primitive tribes.

Characteristics of the owner of the name

-She has a very gentle and calm personality, and she loves peace and quiet.

-She has a kind heart, and she has a passion and romance; she very is sensitive

-Her personality is highly successful, organized and has great leadership qualities.

-She has an honest, frank, and clear personality; she hates lies and hypocrisy very much.


  • Rimas

The name Rimas is not an Arabic name; it is of Persian origin and was introduced to the Arabs in the modern era. There are many meanings for the name Rimas, including dirt, and it also comes with the meaning of wind. The shocking thing is that it is said that the true meaning of the name is the dirt at the bottom of Hell, or the darkness of graves. It is said that Rams is the soil of the grave, and it may come in the meaning of a small jinn.

Characteristics of the owner of the name

-She has a strong personality and the ability to debate with others.

-She is characterized by high self-confidence, and it is not easy to shake her confidence.

-She is distinguished by wisdom.

-She is a very spontaneous person; she loves with all her heart and acts very romantic.

-She is dreamy.

  • Rina

The name Rina is considered one of the new names for girls, and its origin is not Arabic; some researchers said that the name is Hebrew, and others said that it is Indian or Japanese, and it may be an abbreviation of the Dutch and Italian name Katrina. Its common meaning is joy and singing, but scholars have come to its true meaning, which is the sins of the heart.

Characteristics of the owner of the name

- She is a person who loves renewal, such as renewing home decorations or furnishings.

-She loves fashion and make-up; she has a sophisticated taste in choosing her clothes and colors.

- She likes practical life more than marital life.

-She tends to make new friends because she is very social.