Surprising Facts About Women: From Depression Rates to Cognitive Abilities

Surprising Facts About Women: From Depression Rates to Cognitive Abilities
  1. Depression is the leading cause of gynecological disease

Statistics have shown that depression is one of the main causes of disease among Arab women in North Africa and the Middle East, where women in these regions are ranked first in the world of the rates of depression; studies have shown that seven out of ten countries are ranked first in the world in terms of depression. Women are affected by depression in the Middle East and North Africa, especially women from 15 to 49 years old. According to the World Bank health statistics, women are more likely to be depressed than men.

  1. The rate of enrollment of women in the university is higher than that of men

Women still suffer from gender discrimination; they suffered a lot from ignorance and backwardness because of the wrong customs and traditions that required girls to sit at home and prevent them from education. However, women’s education has become a huge increase, so almost all girls in the Middle East and North Africa learns in schools. The shocking thing is that more women go to university than men.

  1. Obesity is the biggest problem for women in the Middle East

Obesity rate among Arab women is the highest in the world. Five countries in the region among the top 20 countries in terms of obesity rates for women.

  1. Half of the women in the Arab world do not own a mobile phone

Statistics and studies have proven that 48% of women in Arab countries do not carry a cell phone, and this means that approximately 84 million women in the Arab world do not have the ability to communicate with others. The number of women who carry phones is less than the number of men by about 8 million. About 91 million women have a mobile phone.

  1. Women appear younger than men in photos

Studies say that women appear younger than men in pictures due to the difference between female and male hormones, and when a woman enters menopause, some hormonal changes occur that may make her look older in reality than men, but younger in pictures.

  1. Women's hair grows at a slower rate than men's

Studies and research indicated that female hair grows at a slower rate than male hair by 15%, because women’s hair follicles contain fatty substances in a greater amount than men, which hinder hair growth by 15% less than men.

  1. Man's brain weighs more than a woman's brain

Studies have shown that the weight of a man's brain is slightly heavier than a woman's brain, but scientists have confirmed that there is no relationship between brain weight and mental abilities.

  1. Women outperform men in scientific fields

Statistics have shown that women are cleverer than men in scientific disciplines, while men outperform women in mathematics.

  1. Woman's ability to apologize is greater than that of a man

The Swiss researcher, Edith Selmick, confirmed that women are often able to apologize and confess guilt more than men; they apologize easily when they make a mistake without pride or stubbornness, and often men do not prefer to apologize for his mistake easily.

  1. Women understand facial expressions more than men

This fact may not be shocking to everyone because it is known that women care about minute details more than men, so women can recognize emotions such as love, hate, fear, shyness, fatigue, and other expressions more than men. Women have a great ability to interpret facial expressions more than men.