The Problem of Hair Loss: Treatments, Causes and Impact

The Problem of Hair Loss: Treatments, Causes and Impact


Many people suffer from the problem of hair loss; this problem is due to many reasons; it may be for health reasons such as a lack of vitamins and nutrients in the body, or because of bad habits that are followed in dealing with hair such as the use of harmful chemicals. Thus, the problem of hair loss is one of the most prominent problems that women face. It causes them embarrassment and tension because a woman’s crown is her hair.

The period required for hair growth ranges between two to six years, while the remaining 10% of hair is in the resting phase for a period that may extend from two to three months, then this hair falls out with the end of the resting period. When this hair falls out, new hair grows to start a new growth cycle from the beginning. The hair of the head grows between 10-15 millimeters every month. However, as a person gets older, his hair growth rate begins to slow down. Mostly, the phenomenon of hair loss is a result of the natural growth cycle of hair. Falling out at a rate ranging between 50-100 hairs per day is very normal.

However, if the hair falls out at a rate greater than the normal rate, which is between 50-100 hairs per day, then the matter is in danger; in this case attention and hair care must be taken and to know the reasons that may lead to this problem in order to avoid it. Among the reasons that may lead to excessive hair loss:


  • Use of chemical products and preparations

One of the most common causes that fall under the bad habits used in dealing with the hair is the use of harmful chemical products and preparations. There are many women and men who use chemically formulated hair care products, such as hair dyes, color lightening agents, and straightening products for curly hair. It is possible to use these products, but in the right quantity without excess and in the correct way to use them to reduce the potential for hair damage. If the use of these products leads to hair weakness and hair loss, then they must be stopped until the hair is renewed and restored.

tinea capitis

One of the health reasons for the loss of hair is the tinea capitis, which results from a fungal infection caused by a skin fungus; it begins with the appearance of spots covered with dandruff on the scalp; these spots grow, expand, and spread in the hair. It also causes brittleness and hair loss. This disease is very contagious, and it is very prevalent in children; this disease can be treated with medications and follow-up with a doctor.


Alopecia is one of the problems or diseases that affect the scalp, which leads to the phenomenon of partial hair loss. The prevailing belief in the causes of alopecia is that it is related to problems affecting the immune system, so this phenomenon can occur in children or adults at any stage of age. The infection is the emergence of small and circular bald areas, the diameter of one of which is equal to the diameter of a coin or a little larger. Although alopecia is very rare, it may lead to the loss of all hair of the head and the entire body, and in most cases the hair returns to grow again.

There are also many other common causes of hair loss, including:

  • The presence of a defect in the thyroid gland causes the hair loss due to the secretion of hormones in the body.
  • A severe disorder in the body's immune system may cause hair loss and general weakness in the body.
  • Pregnancy and childbirth are common causes of hair problems.


If the cause of the fall is any of these reasons, then it is necessary to stop using chemical materials and products and go to the use of natural materials that nourish, moisturize, and protect the hair from falling out. These products include:

Vitamin E serum
Vitamin E Serum

-Vitamin E serum helps to re-grow hair in people with hair loss; it is also able to protect the scalp from factors that cause hair follicles to fall out.

-It helps in boosting blood circulation of the scalp, which helps to germinate stronger follicles and treat dryness and hair breakage.

-It also stimulates hair growth, reduces hair loss, and protects it from sun damage.

-It gives shine and radiance to the hair, so that it looks healthy, vibrant, and shiny.

Bay leaf shampoo


-Bay leaf is known as Musa leaf, and it is the leaves of the laurel tree plant. It has a dark green color. In addition, bay leaf contains many nutrients that the body needs, such as vitamins and minerals important for hair, so laurel shampoo has countless benefits for hair and scalp care.

-Laurel shampoo fights the problem of baldness and alopecia for men and women; it is very effective in treating hair loss and relieving this type of problem.

-It helps to get rid of dandruff because it contains important elements and vitamins that cleanse and clean the scalp from dandruff and microbes.

-It stimulates hair growth and strengthens its roots; it also helps the scalp to get rid of dead follicles because it is rich in nutrients and important substances for hair, such as: antioxidants, beta-carotenoids, and proteins.