Understanding Premature Graying of Hair and Effective Solutions

Understanding Premature Graying of Hair and Effective Solutions

There are many common problems that affect the hair suddenly and without introductions or clear reasons, which cause inconvenience to many people. Some problems are easy to solve, but others are difficult for science to solve or explain their scientific causes in an inevitable and clear way; among these common problems is the problem of premature graying of hair.


Despite the explanations and sayings about this problem, there are reasons, explanations, and solutions that the science has recently found to solve this annoying problem.


Premature graying hair is the change of the natural hair color, whatever its color, to gray or white at an early age; this condition may appear to children, adolescents, and young people in their twenties and thirties. It is a problem that has different causes other than advancing age. Among the reasons that lead to premature graying are:


Heredity and Genes

The cause of the problem of premature graying may be a genetic or hereditary cause; genetics can play a major role in the emergence of premature graying of hair.


Thus, this case abounds in people who are related to those who suffered from this problem early in their lives, so the cause of premature graying may be due to the presence of people who suffered from the same problem from the ancestors or relatives in the family.


Infection with Some Diseases

One of the main causes of premature graying of the hair is the infection with some diseases that may lead to this problem, such as thyroid gland disorders, and anemia; vitiligo also has a role in the appearance of premature graying of the hair, so some tests and analyzes must be performed first if this problem exists.


Vitamin Deficiency

There are some vitamins whose deficiency may affect hair color and cause premature graying of hair, especially vitamin B12 because it is directly related to the appearance of gray hair.



Smoking may cause premature graying of hair because smoking leads to cell damage; therefore, it may have a great ability to reduce the amount of melanin produced in the hair.


Stress and Psychological Pressures

There are some sayings that claim that tension, psychological pressures, and a sense of constant fear may cause premature graying of hair, but there is no scientific evidence proves that stress and fear are among the causes of premature graying of hair.


On the other hand, there are some doctors who believe that stress causes the stem cells responsible for hair color to shrink, and this explains the relationship between psychological stress and the appearance of premature graying of hair.


There are some solutions that help in solving the problem of premature graying, or at least help in reducing it as much as possible, and among these solutions:


  • Herbs

There are some herbs that may help to treat premature graying resulting from non-genetic causes, including:



One of the herbs known for its importance in treating hair problems is henna; it is very useful and effective for nourishing and softening hair. Moreover, it has a color that may cover and hide the annoying white hair color.


Curry Leaves

Curry leaves are also very useful in treating premature graying.


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Rosemary and Sage

One of the very important herbs for treating many hair problems is rosemary and sage. Rosemary is one of the herbs that helps in getting rid of premature graying of hair, in addition to that it treats hair loss and split ends. One of the natural products that contain rosemary, which have proven its effectiveness in treating hair problems is:


Rosemary Shampoo

Rosemary is one of the herbs rich in vitamins and important elements for hair care, so rosemary shampoo is specialized in moisturizing and softening the hair effectively.

It also gives the hair the sufficient moisture necessary to protect the hair follicles from drying out. Moreover, it is a good alternative to the conditioner.

- It helps to moisturize the hair, increases its softness, and protects it from frizz.

- It nourishes the hair and gives it the health care and nourishment it needs. It also prevents and reduces the dryness.

- It helps to get rid of the problem of dehydration; it works to preserve the natural moisture inside the locks of the hair, which helps in moisturizing it naturally.

- It enhances the hair softness, increases its shine and hydration, refreshes the hair follicles, and improves its appearance.

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  • Laser Treatment

Recently, laser has become a treatment for many hair problems; it can be used to remove hair that suffers from premature graying at all, but it may cause gaps in the scalp.


  • Eat Foods Rich in Vitamins

If you suffer from premature graying, you should eat more foods rich in vitamin B12, such as beef liver, poultry, meat, and whole grains.



  • Hair Dye

Hair dyeing is one of the solutions that may help to get rid of premature graying temporarily; it is one of the most popular methods, as hair can be dyed in the desired color.


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