Battling Dandruff in Winter: Causes and Effective Solutions

Battling Dandruff in Winter: Causes and Effective Solutions


In the winter season, there are many problems that the skin and hair suffer from due to the harsh climate and the extreme cold, as the incidence of skin diseases increases as a result of a number of reasons or practices that the person undertakes, such as washing the skin of the body and hair with hot water, which lead to dry skin and hair.

One of the problems of the winter season is dandruff, which is considered one of the most annoying things that appears more often with the climate change, especially in the fall and winter seasons. It appears clearly in the scalp and spreads on the shoulders and back, causing itching all the time. It usually begins to disappear relatively with the approach of summer.

Women always ask about the reasons for the appearance of dandruff in the winter because it causes a bad appearance of the hair and itching of the scalp and the skin of the body; dandruff appears for many different reasons; the causes of dandruff are due to unsatisfactory factors or other causes resulting from certain diseases, and in both cases you must know well the nature of your hair and the shape of the changes that occur in it in order to know the correct way to treat it.

Reasons for the appearance of dandruff

The reasons for the appearance of dandruff, especially in the winter season, are due to several factors and causes, including:

-Lack of hair washing in winter because of the extreme cold in winter is one of the reasons. Some people may be lazy to wash their hair regularly, which leads to the accumulation of fat on the scalp and the appearance of dandruff.

-Dry skin is one of the most important reasons for the appearance of dandruff because it is unable to produce enough oils for the scalp, which causes dandruff to appear, especially in the winter season.

-Oily hair can also lead to reddening of the skin and its covering with white scales.

-Malnutrition may be a cause of dandruff, as a result of following a specific diet that lacks the nutrients needed by hair, such as zinc and vitamin B.

-The reason may be the presence of some diseases such as eczema, psoriasis, yeast fungus, or allergies resulting from certain types of shampoo.

-Using hot water in winter may cause dandruff to appear in the hair because it causes the natural oils secreted by the scalp to disappear, causing severe dryness that results in the appearance of dandruff.

Tips to get rid of dandruff permanently

-Use natural recipes instead of relying entirely on shampoos and chemicals that may harm the scalp and hair.

-Start to treat diseases that may cause dandruff on the scalp, which we have mentioned above, in order to reduce the appearance and spread of dandruff, by visiting your doctor and following the advice he dictates to you.

-Do not over-wash your hair in order not to damage the scalp cells, and also do not neglect to wash the hair permanently or spacing between periods so that the dandruff layer does not form. It is preferable to wash the hair twice a week in the winter season.

-Stay away from cosmetics that contain synthetic oils in general because they contain a large amount of fat, which accumulates on the skin and causes dandruff.

-When washing your hair, take care of rubbing the scalp with your fingers to make sure that you get rid of dandruff.

-Make sure to moisturize your hair well in the winter season, and to maintain its temperature.

-Change your shampoo every six months, and always choose the ones that reduce the appearance of dandruff.

- Look for medical and natural shampoos that contain the least amount of chemicals; it is preferable to use baby shampoos in these cases.


In addition to these tips that must be followed to get rid of the dandruff problem that many people suffer from, especially in the winter season, you must follow a system or routine for hair care with the use of natural products that nourish the hair and rid it of dandruff, such as:

The hair serum

The Hair Serum

-The hair serum helps in solving the problem of frizz and roughness, softens the hair, and makes it easier to style.

-It is characterized by adding shine to dull hair, removing tangles from it, and protecting hair from ultraviolet rays; thus, it protects the hair from damage.

-It reduces hair loss because it contains vitamin E; it also protects hair from dust and atmospheric humidity.

-It helps to moisturize damaged hair due to dyes; it reduces the damage of chemicals and thermal styling tools due to the presence of amino acids.

Blue Burhan oil


-Blue Burhan oil has proven to be very effective in nourishing the hair and giving it the care and healthy nutrition that the hair needs; it also prevents and reduces dryness, and effectively promotes its growth and length.

-It helps to get rid of the problem of dryness, as it works to preserve the natural moisture inside the hair strands, which helps in moisturizing the hair naturally.

-It protects hair from harmful environmental factors, such as harmful sunlight and pollutants that accumulate on hair strands.

-It works to reduce inflammation of the scalp, as it contains garlic extract that effectively attacks bacteria and fungi in the scalp.