Overcoming Hair Growth Stagnation: Causes and Natural Solutions

Overcoming Hair Growth Stagnation: Causes and Natural Solutions

Every girl dreams of soft, healthy, and long hair. One of the most common problems that most girls may suffer from is stopping or slow hair growth; this problem is a source of annoyance for many women who dream of long, healthy, and soft hair like the hair of Disney princesses in fairy tales. There are many Countries that consider the length of a girl’s hair as a sign of beauty, and it is said in popular proverbs that a woman’s crown is her hair. The problem of stopping hair growth has several reasons, including:

  • An imbalance of hormones

An imbalance of hormones may cause hair growth to stop dramatically, as hormones are among the things that may play an important role in slowing or stopping hair growth. There are several diseases that may lead to an imbalance of hormones that cause hair growth to stop, such as hypothyroidism, as well as some diseases of the reproductive system, such as polycystic ovary syndrome.

  • Vitamin deficiency

The lack of vitamins and important elements may often lead to slow hair growth or stop its growth. There are some vitamins and elements that have a major role in affecting the rate of hair growth, such as zinc, iron, vitamin A, group B vitamins, and vitamin D.

  • Some medicine

There are some medications that have negative effects on the hair, so taking some medications may slow hair growth or stop its growth, including: medications used in chemotherapy programs, blood thinners, and antidepressants.

  • Not getting enough sleep

Not taking enough sleep may be a major cause of hair growth cessation because during sleep, many changes occur in the body, such as renewal of skin cells, so lack of rest and sleep may negatively affect the body, skin, and hair.

Treating the problem of stopping hair growth

The first step that must be taken is to follow a healthy routine for the hair, and to follow a diet rich in vitamins and nutrients that are important for hair growth. Some analyzes also must be done to find out whether the cause is satisfactory or not. Moreover, you should avoid using harmful chemicals on the hair scalp, which may cause an increase in the problem, so it is important to use natural products, including:

Nourishing oil


-Nourishing oil for hair contains a variety of important nutritional oils and vitamins that help in moisturizing and softening the hair.

-It effectively promotes hair growth, and also works to intensify and increase its length.

-It helps to moisturize the hair, increases the softness and moisture of the hair, and protects it from frizz.

-It eliminates dandruff and rid the scalp of dirt and accumulated fats.

-It prevents hair loss, brittleness, and breakage of its ends; it envelops the hair follicles with a protective layer and increases its strength.

-It also Provides hair with important nutrients such as vitamins and minerals, and protects the scalp from harmful bacteria and fungi.

Blue Burhan oil


-Blue Burhan oil has proven to be very effective in nourishing the hair and giving it the care and healthy nutrition that the hair needs; it also prevents and reduces dryness, and effectively promotes its growth and length.

-It helps to get rid of the problem of dryness, as it works to preserve the natural moisture inside the hair strands, which helps in moisturizing the hair naturally.

-It protects hair from harmful environmental factors, such as harmful sunlight and pollutants that accumulate on hair strands.

-It works to reduce inflammation of the scalp, as it contains garlic extract that effectively attacks bacteria and fungi in the scalp.