The Pitfalls of Hair Dye: Understanding the Damages

The Pitfalls of Hair Dye: Understanding the Damages

Some women seek to change their appearance constantly, such as following fashion, changing the haircut, or changing its color. Many women tend to change their natural hair color from time to time, and some women have an obsession with using dyes frequently and continuously; the reason for this is due to their desire for change and renewal, or to get rid of gray hair that invades hair. It causes an embarrassment and warns women of old age, so women tend to hide annoying white hair by dyeing their hair with the color they want.

Many types and brands of dyes appeared with the development of cosmetic products and cosmetics. Furthermore, women’s demand for dyes increased greatly because of their desire to reach the highest levels of beauty and attractiveness. Some women can use the dye on their own without the need of the beauty salons. Despite the wonderful appearance and color that the dye gives to the hair, it has damages to the hair that we cannot overlook, and these damages include:

  • Dyes weaken the roots and follicles of the hair and reduce the chances of its growth. It also causes hair loss and brittleness, which may cause the problem of lack of hair density, and this is what we notice among many women who use dyes a lot.
  • The chemical and burning compounds present in the dye cause many problems that harm the health of the skin and scalp, such as sensitivity, irritation, redness, and the appearance of grains. It also causes severe dryness in the scalp, which leads to the appearance of dandruff.
  • The dye may cause cancer, as research has confirmed that about twenty percent of cancer cases are caused by the dye, due to the fact that most dyes contain PPED, which is considered one of the most common substances that cause breast and bladder cancer.



  • Dye may cause a swelling of the face due to the smell of the dye and its strong burning effect. The skin becomes sensitive, especially in the eyes and forehead area, being closest to the hair. Its strong smell also causes breathing difficulties.
  • The dye may cause roughness of the hair, as well as cause hair loss and damage as a result of the effect of chemicals on the scalp, especially if the hair was exposed to more than one stage of using dyes.
  • The dye has great harm to the pregnant woman and the fetus. Pregnant women should not be exposed to chemical dyes during pregnancy in order to avoid allergy problems and potential dangers to the fetus because of applying the dye.

Because of the great damage caused by the dye, it is necessary to use natural products that improve the condition of dyed hair to reduce the damage of the dye on the hair and to nourish and soften the hair. These products include:

Aromatic Flowers for Hair


Aromatic flowers have many benefits for hair health; there are many fragrant flowers that are used in many hair care products to obtain healthy and shiny hair; they have also proven that they are effective in treating some common hair problems, including:

-Aromatic flowers fight dandruff and bacteria due to their natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.

-It resists dryness of the scalp and fights itching in the scalp because it moisturizes the scalp and helps it to get rid of toxins.

-It stimulates hair germination in a way that may be more effective than some common baldness treatments, and also helps to increase the number of hair follicles and increase the thickness of the scalp.

-It helps to improve the structure and texture of the hair.

Green tea shampoo


Green tea is characterized by antioxidants that help in treating many diseases, including the treatment of common hair problems that many people suffer from, and it also helps to improve their health effectively. One of the green tea products that are effective in hair care is green tea shampoo for its benefits represented below:

-Green tea shampoo prevents hair loss, caused by the hormone testosterone, by prolonging the period of androgen in hair growth.

-It increases hair growth and length by stimulating hair follicles and regenerating scalp cells.  Hair is part of a larger system called the integumentary system, which includes hair, nails, and skin.

-Green tea shampoo contributes to the nutrient flow of blood for hair growth, and makes hair shiny and healthy.

The hair serum

The Hair Serum

-The hair serum helps in solving the problem of frizz and roughness, softens the hair, and makes it easier to style.

-It is characterized by adding shine to dull hair, removing tangles from it, and protecting hair from ultraviolet rays; thus, it protects the hair from damage.

-It reduces hair loss because it contains vitamin E; it also protects hair from dust and atmospheric humidity.

-It helps to moisturize damaged hair due to dyes; it reduces the damage of chemicals and thermal styling tools due to the presence of amino acids.