The Secrets of Choosing Beauty Queens: Beyond Formal Standards

The Secrets of Choosing Beauty Queens: Beyond Formal Standards

Every woman has her own beauty, so we cannot set standards for beauty and limit the beauty to certain standards such as blue eyes, yellow hair, and a slender or graceful body. We cannot limit beauty to a plump body, dark black hair, or wide eyes. We often listen to songs and poems that flirt with the beauty of a woman; some of which flirt with the wide black eyes and describe those eyes as the eyes of the rim, while others flirt with the blue eyes.

Therefore, beauty is relative, and most importantly, it is not limited to the shape, features, and specifications of the body only, which makes choosing a beauty queen for a country or a Miss World not an easy choice because it does not depend on criteria for formal beauty only. There are some secrets for choosing Miss World that are completely different from what you imagine. In this article, we will know the secrets of choosing beauty queens.

Purposeful beauty

The selection of the beauty queen does not depend on the beauty of the shape and face only, but the matter goes much deeper than the formal criteria. The true beauty is not limited to the beauty of the face and features only, but also depends on the beauty of the spirit and morals of the contestant, so each participant must submit a report about her participation in charitable projects in her country, the selfless acts she has carried out, her general service to society, and the benefit she has provided to humanity.

She must also has an effective role in society and a clear and positive impact on humanity. The winner in this case gives the charitable organization that she worked with $10,000 as a prize.


Specifications and physical measurements

Physical measurements also have a major role in choosing a beauty queen. They must match the physical measurements determined by the competition and the competition committee. After training, the contestants appear before the members of the jury to determine their physical measurements of weight and height, and to ensure that there are no physical defects or deformities.

The committee also focuses on the way they walk and look and their ability to choose the appropriate clothes for them, and how to use makeup tools, in addition to testing their self-confidence because self-confidence is always the key to the beauty.

Culture and general information

The important aspect, if not the most important thing at all, is the culture of the contestant. True beauty is the beauty and wisdom of the mind. The truly beautiful woman is the one who cares about educating herself and developing her mind as much as her interest in her appearance.

The beauty queen is a model of beauty in the world or the country she represents. If she is not educated and intelligent, she will be just a beautiful doll. The contestants are exposed to precise questions in various and specialized fields in order to measure the extent of their culture and readings; the committee makes sure that their minds are not superficial.

Only 10 contestants are selected from a total of 120 contestants to complete the competition, based on the points they obtained. The highest scorers are selected in the evaluation of the jury.

Talents and hobbies

Talents and interests are among the important things that the competition committee takes into consideration. The contestant must have a talent or a hobby. At this stage, the contestants display their talents that they possess, such as drawing, playing music, singing, dancing, sculpture, or any other talent that may be unfamiliar or unusual. At this stage, the number of contestants is filtered to only 3 out of 10 contestants, and they are the ones with the highest points in the evaluation of the jury members.


Practicing a certain sport such as swimming, ballet, or basketball may increase the chances of the contestant being accepted by the members of the jury because the sport enhances the health and agility of the body and mind. The healthy mind resides in a healthy body. The beauty queen is often skilled in a particular sport.

Contestant’s interview

The contestants are interviewed on various topics; their tact and quick wit are tested in the last stage by asking them some questions. They are evaluated based on the answers, whether they are rational, intelligent or superficial. In the end, the points obtained by each contestant are collected, and the beauty queen is declared.

Beauty can have standards, but they are not formal standards. The beauty of a woman lies in her morals, intellect, and culture. Relying on looks and features and considering them as measures of true beauty is superficial and unfair. Every woman has her own beauty, and the secret of beauty is always self-confidence.