Femininity As It Should Be


Recently, many ideas, habits, way of thinking, and lifestyles have changed for both men and women. Women have become doing a lot of men's work, and the modern-day woman has a great role in society and practical life that completely matches the role of men, in addition to her duties as a mother, wife, and housewife.

In light of the rapid routine of life, some women neglect the fact that they are females. With the details of life and its many responsibilities, some women have become like men, not only in the social role, but also in the characteristics, appearance, and manner of dealing, so how can you maintain your femininity amidst all these responsibilities?

True femininity is not only a set of biological and physical characteristics in a woman, but it also includes a set of psychological and formal characteristics such as dress and manner of speaking. In order to be truly female, there are secrets of femininity that you must know and follow:

Female appearance

If we compare the past with the present, we will find that the appearance of women has changed a lot due to the different form of daily life in general; women’s clothing has become more practical, and most women now depend more on jeans and pants instead of wearing skirts and dresses.

However, the intelligence lies in the fact that women should not rely entirely on wearing trousers and jeans, and know very well how to balance their clothes. Women should also wear dresses, skirts, and clothes of a feminine nature, and this will make them feel elegant and feminine.

Do not forget to always wear stockings instead of bare legs and follow the simple classic look; do not follow the fashion just to keep up with it, but always wear what you find suitable for your body shape, avoid men's looks or clothes that resemble men's clothes, and always remember that simplicity and softness are always the key to femininity.

Choose from your clothes pieces that highlight your femininity. The creative fashion designer Tania Bernadette says: "For me, I can wear an oversized shirt but with heels or a combination of colors or a lot of jewelry to balance it and create a more feminine look. How you choose the pieces together makes all the difference the biggest".

Moreover, do not forget to adorn yourself with accessories because they can make you look more feminine; you can wear a beautiful silk scarf, elegant pearl earrings, or some elegant silver bracelets. It is known that wearing accessories is a sign of femininity and elegance, so don't forget to add feminine touches to your look.

The way you talk and eat

What distinguishes a female most is the way she speaks. There are many characteristics that a female must possess when speaking to other people, and among these characteristics is that she must be friendly in her speech. She must maintain kindness in the tone of her voice and listen well to others. She should speak in a calm and low voice and avoid raising the pitch of the voice or saying obscene language that is absolutely inappropriate with the femininity.

The female should also eat decently and tactfully. She should use appropriate utensils to eat without using her hands, and she should eat slowly and carefully without haste. Furthermore, she must avoid speaking when there is food in the mouth; one of the characteristics of the female in general is the gentle courtesy, so you must compliment the hostess when the food is delicious, and avoid slandering the food when it is not good.

Soft feminine qualities

Among the most important qualities that the female should be characterized by is spontaneity and non-affection, and she must act with kindness and softness; she must not act harshly. In addition, she must be honest because the beautiful woman knows how to be honest with herself and others.

Self-confidence is the secret of femininity

Be confident of yourself and love yourself and your details as they are. People always see you the same way you see yourself, so you must give love to yourself first in order to be able to give love and tenderness to others.