The Rise of the Contemporary Woman: Empowerment and Progress

The Rise of the Contemporary Woman: Empowerment and Progress

The contemporary woman is the woman who has an active role in society and the family; women throughout history have gone through many changes in their lives. In the past women did not have a big role like their role these days; the role of women was limited to raising children and managing the house only.

The matter has now changed dramatically. Nowadays, women have a status that is no less valuable than that of men in societies. Women are present in a large number these days in practical life and community participation and have become an effective element that is no less important than men. Women have changed a lot from the past years, so the contemporary woman is the cultured and educated woman who has a tangible role in society.

Characteristics of the contemporary woman

Contemporary women have several characteristics that may have been robbed of them in previous ages. Women, like any human being, have rights towards others, society, and the family, and they also have duties that must be fulfilled in order to be an active element in life. Contemporary women are considered the ideal image of a successful woman who obtains all her rights without distinction, discrimination, or racism, and who performs her duties towards her family and society. There are many characteristics that distinguish the contemporary woman:

  • Joining the universities

Throughout history, women have suffered greatly from ignorance and backwardness; they struggled a lot and faced many challenges until they were able to obtain their right to education and to attend schools to have an educational certificate.

 In the past, women were satisfied with obtaining a preparatory or secondary certificate. Moreover, many universities around the world were for males only, but societies developed and advanced towards progress, and women became able to complete their education; contemporary woman is the woman who completes her education until she joins the university and obtains a bachelor or licentiate degree. Also, many women prefer to complete their postgraduate studies.

  • Working in all fields

Women were not able to work in all fields; there were some businesses and fields that were restricted to men only. However, women were able to achieve great success and have their own mark in many fields that people believed that they are for men only. Contemporary women believe that women's ability to work in all fields is comparable to that of men as well.

  • Freedom to express opinion

Contemporary women have been able to obtain all their rights freely, so they are able to express their opinions freely, unlike women in the past who were afraid to express their opinions and often were not taken into account at all. However, now they are getting all their freedoms, and their opinion can make a big change in the society. Nowadays, the woman has her own vision, beliefs, and ideas without forcing her to follow the ideas of others.

  • Financial independence

The contemporary woman is a financially independent woman. She seeks to achieve financial independence in order to guarantee herself a decent life, whether she is married or not. In the past, the woman was always dependent, whether on her father before marriage or on her husband after marriage, which may harm her a lot. Financial independence guarantees happiness and freedom.

  • Personal space

Contemporary women have a personal space through which they can take care of themselves and their appearance. They can learn a lot of things to have a strong and reliable personality and have an effective role in society and the family.