Princess Diana: The Iconic Princess of Hearts and Symbol of Humanity

Princess Diana: The Iconic Princess of Hearts and Symbol of Humanity

She is similar to the princesses of fairy tales and romantic novels. She was like a Disney princess; she was called the "Princess of Hearts" and was known for her sympathetic and affectionate personality to the public, in addition to being a princess of the British royal court. She was famous for her modesty and humanity, loved by the poor and the rich. She said one day: "Everyone loved me except the person I loved." Some described her as "the unhappy princess"; she is the princess of hearts, Princess Diana.

Princess Diana Frances Spencer was born in July 1961 at Park House near Sandrigham, Norfolk, England. She was the youngest daughter of Viscount (Noble) Olthorpe at the time; after her parents divorced in 1969, she moved between their homes in Northamptonshire and Scotland.

After completing her studies, Lady Diana worked first as a nanny in London, sometimes as a cook, then as a babysitter at Young England Nursery in the London. However, rumors began to circulate about her friendship with the Prince of Wales turning into something more serious. The press and television stations began to follow her everywhere. In 1981, Prince Charles and Lady Diana officially announced their engagement from Buckingham Palace, and the cost of the engagement ring was about 30 thousand pounds sterling at the time. The ring gained great fame, and it is now worn by Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge and wife of Prince William.

Princess Diana married Prince Charles in 1981 in a televised ceremony watched by millions around the world, and everyone described it as the "marriage of the century." Lady Diana was 20 years old at the time. About 600,000 people lined the road between Buckingham Palace and the cathedral to see the newlyweds.

Lady Diana gave birth to her first child, William, and then gave birth to Harry. The two boys did not receive their education at the hands of private teachers, but rather they went to school like the rest of the children; Diana was a loving mother to her two sons. Prince Harry once mentioned that Princess Diana was "one of the naughtiest mothers", before adding that she "absolutely loved us".

The popularity of Princess Diana began to increase; the princess became an icon of elegance and fashion. Moreover, she made many official visits, and her contribution to charitable work made her very beloved to the hearts of people. Diana topped the headlines of the media and newspapers in various parts of the world. Among Princess Diana's contributions is that she played an important role in shedding light on the suffering of AIDS patients.

Newspapers began publishing articles questioning the relationship of Prince Charles and Princess Diana. Rumors spread in newspapers and on television programs about Princess Diana's separation from Prince Charles and the reason is his betrayal of her. The rumors increased until they were confirmed in 1996 and the couple divorced.

Finally, the reason for journalists discovering the problems between the prince and princess was that Princess Diana appeared many times to the media and to people while she was in a state of great sadness.

In 1997, newspapers circulated a lot of news about a new marriage project for Princess Diana from the son of wealthy businessman Mohammed Al-Fayed.

After she had dinner at the Ritz Hotel restaurant in the French capital, Paris, with Dodi Al-Fayed, the two left the restaurant and took a taxi. They were pursued by photographers on motorcycles, trying to take pictures of the princess and her new boyfriend. This caused a tragedy accident; the princess and her boyfriend died after their cars crashed.


The world was deeply saddened by the loss of Princess Diana. Princess Diana is considered one of the most influential women in history. Her compassion, delicacy, and beauty made her a symbol of humanity all over the world. Lady Diana became an example of femininity and humanity.