Marilyn Monroe: Beyond Beauty - A Voice for Civil Rights and Equality

Marilyn Monroe: Beyond Beauty - A Voice for Civil Rights and Equality

"Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius" This quote is a very famous quote by Marilyn Monroe. Marilyn Monroe has become a symbol of beauty and sexiness for many years because of her dazzling beauty and charisma.

Marilyn Monroe is a very famous actress; we can say that she is the most famous actress in the world; despite her dazzling beauty, she broke the stereotyped image of the blonde in Hollywood because she is a very influential advocate for civil rights.

Moreover, she showed the world that a beautiful woman may have a great mind. One of her most prominent principles was that the color of the skin should not be an obstacle to success. Although the enormous fame that she obtained and the dazzling beauty that she was endowed with, Marilyn was not happy in her life; she did not achieve happiness in her life and her death was mysterious.

Marilyn Monroe was born in 1926. She is an American artist, and her original name is Norma Jane Motensen, but she later changed her name to Norma Jean Baker, which is the name of her mother because she did not know her father.

It is known that Marilyn's childhood was very miserable and sad; Marilyn was raised in an orphanage since she was nine years old after her mother refused to raise and care for her. Several families adopted her and she was subjected to many incidents of harassment, which negatively affected her personality. She suffered from several mental and neurological diseases because of her difficult life.

The life of the beautiful Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn got married at a young age to a neighbor who works in the field of photography in 1942, but she left him and separated from him after four years of marriage, then she married baseball player, Judy Maggio, in 1954. She separated from him after only nine months of her marriage to him. It is said that the reason for the separation was his violence and cruelty to her, then she married for the third time to playwright, Arthur Miller, in 1956; the marriage lasted for five years.

Her artistic life

Marilyn Monroe's artistic life began when she appeared for the first time on the cover of a magazine, which was published by her first husband, photographer, James Doherty. It was the beginning when an American advertising company asked her to work as a model in advertisements, then Marilyn Monroe became immediately an actress in the cinema.

Her beauty and attractiveness were a major reason for her entry into the world of acting and cinema; she was a symbol in that period of time for the beauty of blonde women, and then she became famous after her participation in a movie called “The Asphalt Forest” in 1950. In the same year, Marilyn Monroe acted in several films, and she became one of the most famous actresses not only in Hollywood, but also in the whole world because of her stunning beauty, attractiveness, and multiplicity of artistic talents.

Marilyn was not only famous for her beauty, but she had a preponderant mind and wisdom that she may have gained from the miserable life and experiences she lived, so she was humble and gentle. She called for justice and equality among all members of society and non-discrimination because of anything, whether religion, gender, or skin color. She said that skin color can never stand in the way of success.

It is clear that unhappy luck was chasing Marilyn Monroe until her death. It is said that the beauties are the owners of unhappy luck. In 1962, Marilyn Monroe was found dead in her bed in her home in Los Angeles, but this incident was considered mysterious until now.

Opinions differed about the real reason behind her death; some claimed that she committed suicide by taking an overdose of sleeping pills to get rid of her difficult life, and some claimed that she was killed.