Defiance and Courage: The Inspiring Journey of Jamila Bouhired, Symbol of Algerian Resistance

Defiance and Courage: The Inspiring Journey of Jamila Bouhired, Symbol of Algerian Resistance

Algerian resistance heroine and icon of the revolution

Women have an effective role in society and the advancement of their country throughout history. Women have never been weak, but they have been fighting and have an opinion and thought. They stood against ignorance and reaction, defended the country against aggression.

Women proved their ability to exert effort and perseverance without discrimination. Despite the suffering of women throughout the ages from reactionary ideas that deprived them of their freedom and their rights to work and learn, they did not give up, but rather fought for that freedom. One of the greatest female models, who has become an example of heroism and patriotism, is the heroine of the Algerian resistance and the icon of the revolution, Jamila Bouhired.

Jamila Bouhired is considered the most famous symbol of resistance in Algeria. She is the most famous woman in the whole world.Through her struggle and heroism, she was able to be a role model and an honorable example for the resistance; she inspired poets, and some Critics counted nearly seventy poems written about her by the most famous poets in the Arab world, such as Nizar Qabbani, Salah Abd al-Sabour, Badr Shaker al-Sayyab, al-Jawahiri, and others.

The Algerian fighter Jamila Bouhired was born in 1935 in Algiers, the capital. Jamila Bouhired, the great fighter, was the only girl in her family; she had 7 male brothers. Despite this, Jamila was able to fight and prove herself.

She studied and continued her education until she joined the Institute of Sewing and Tailoring, where she loved fashion design. She also had several talents, such as practicing classical dance. Moreover, she was proficient in horse riding until the Algerian revolution broke out in 1954.


Jamila Bouhired joined the Algerian National Liberation Front for the revolution and fought against the French occupation at the age of twenty. She was the first female volunteer to plant bombs on the path of the French occupation personnel.

The role of Jamila Bouhired in the revolution was represented in being the link and communication between the leader of the Algerian Liberation Front and the delegate of the leadership in the city, Yasif Al-Saadi, who the French publications in the city were announcing the payment of a large sum in exchange for his assassination.

The Algerian fighter, Jamila Bouhired became the wanted No. 1 of the French occupation army to arrest her. Indeed, she was arrested in 1957 when she fell to the ground bleeding after being shot in the shoulder.

The French army began to torture Jamila Bouhired with electric shocks for three days until she lost consciousness, and when she came to her senses she said, “Algeria is our nation”. Thus, they used the most heinous methods of torture. However, she endured the pain of torture. She was presented to a mock trial, she was about to be executed.

But the whole world revolted and the United Nations Human Rights Committee refused this execution, after receiving millions of condemnation telegrams from all over the world and demanding her release, so the execution was postponed, then it was amended to life imprisonment.

 After the liberation of Algeria, the fighter Jamila Bouhired was released from prison with the rest of the resisting prisoners in 1962, and she married her French lawyer.